Small Business Loan

Drive the growth of your current business to new horizons with the Small Business Loan! Enjoy the advantages of lower interest rates and longer repayment terms, ensuring a flexible and manageable financial solution for your expansion needs.

Product Features

  • Loan amount: From USD 1,600 to USD 10,000 or equivalent to KHR
  • Interest rate: 1.35% to 1.30% per month
  • Loan term: Up to 84 months
  • Repayment mode: Flexibility according to cash flow

Interest Computation

  • Declining method is used


  • Be a majority aged 18 to 65 years old
  • Permanent resident
  • Have a good record and be reliable
  • Have a legal business
  • Impact from business operation doesn’t affect to environment and comply with Cambodia law

Required Documents

  • ID card, passport, family book, residential book, birth certificate, civil servant ID, or employment ID
  • Land title, land certificate or term deposit certificate
  • Other documents on incomes and expenses of family or business


  • KB PRASAC reserves the right to change terms and conditions with prior notice to the client as required by law.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.

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