Digital Account

More convenient! Now you can instantly open KB PRASAC account via KB PRASAC Mobile by just having a phone number and national ID card, without having to visit a physical branch. You can make transactions such as receive and transfer funds, make interbank fund transfer, scan KHQR Code to pay or transfer funds, pay bills of water, electricity, education fee and top up phone without fee charge.
Open Digital Account and use KB PRASAC Mobile to do the following transactions easily:
  • Fund transfer within KB PRASAC Account
  • Interbank transfer via Bakong or Retail Pay system
  • Fund transfer to Bakong Wallet
  • Open Term Deposit Account
  • Scan KHQR Code to settle bills of products and services with KB PRASAC’s merchants or other banks’ merchants
  • Water Supply bill payment
  • Electricity bill payment
  • Solid Waste bill payment
  • Education bill payment
  • Phone Top-Up
  • Fund transfer to non-account (Cash-Code)
  • View exchange rate
  • Find the nearest KB PRASAC branch, ATM or CDM
  • Self PIN Reset (In case of forgetting old PIN)
  • Other services
Requirement for opening Digital Account
  • Cambodian nationality up from the age of 16 years
  • A new customer to KB PRASAC
  • Original and valid Cambodian National ID Card
  • Personal phone number
  • For individual account only
  • Open account via KB PRASAC Mobile
Annual Interest Rate
AmountInterest RateAmountInterest Rate
≤2,000,0001.50%≤ 5001.50%
> 2,000,000 – ≤4,000,0002.50%> 500 – ≤ 1,0002.50%
> 4,000,000 – ≤12,000,0003.00%> 1,000 – ≤ 3,000​3.00%
> 12,000,000 – ≤40,000,0003.50%> 3,000 – ≤ 10,0003.50%
> 40,000,0004.00%> 10,0004.00%
* Eligible for existing and new open Digital Account.
Number of Account and CurrencyGet 2 accounts automatically: KHR Account and USD Account
Initial & Minimum balanceNot required
Withholding Tax4% (Resident)
Interest PaymentInterest is accrued daily and credited to your account automatically at the beginning of each month or at the time of closing the account.
Maximum balance in account#list#
– KHR Account: KHR 40,000,000 and
– USD Account: USD 10,000
Maximum amount per transaction or per day#list#
– KHR Account: KHR 12,000,000 and
– USD Account: USD 3,000
– At any KB PRASAC branch, counter or via KB PRASAC Mobile or POS or CDM
– Receive funds transferred from other banks
Cash withdrawal or Transfer#list#
– Can perform all kinds of transactions allowed in KB PRASAC Mobile
Open Term Deposit Account#list#
– KHR Account: KHR 12,000,000 and
– USD Account: USD 3,000

* Customer can request to upgrade the usage amount of Digital Account by visiting any KB PRASAC branch to update to a Full KYC Client.


  • KB PRASAC reserves rights to change interest rate and fee with prior notice to the client as required by law.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.

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