Term Deposit Account

The best option in managing your surplus cash is to open term deposit account with KB PRASAC Bank. You will not only receive safety on your cash, but also earn high interest rate. You can monitor your term deposit accounts at anytime via KB PRASAC Mobile. If you need urgent cash, no need to close your Term Deposit Account because KB PRASAC is able to lend you a loan immediately for filling your demand.
Interest Rate
Maturity Growth#colspan##colspan#
1 month2.50%2.25%
2 months2.75%2.50%
3/4/5 months3.75%3.50%
6/7/8 months4.75%4.50%
9/10/11 months5.00%4.75%
12/18/24/36/48/60 months7.00%6.75%
Monthly Growth#colspan##colspan#
1 month2.50%2.25%
2 months2.50%2.25%
3/4/5 months3.50%3.25%
6/7/8 months4.50%4.25%
9/10/11 months4.75%4.50%
12/18/24/36/48/60 months6.75%6.50%

* Interest rate per annum

Product Features
Product FeaturesDescription
Initial Deposit or Minimum BalanceKHR 200,000 or USD 50
TermFrom 1 month to 60 months
Interest PaymentPay every month or at the end of term or when closing the account
Account OpenningRequired customer to open a source account of term deposit; it can be Savings Account or Unfixed Deposit Account or Flexi Growth Savings Account.
Deposit ConditionCan be made only one time when opening TD account (For deposit top-up, client can open new term deposit accounts)
Rollover Type#list#
– Auto principal and interest
– Auto only principal
– Close on maturity date
Account Redemption#list#
– No fee charge for account redemption before maturity; and interest rate of source account will be applied.
– Offers the lowest interest rate of Flexi Growth Savings Account if Flexi Growth Savings Account is a source account.
Withholding Tax#list#
– Resident 6%
– Non-resident 14%
Term Deposit Certificate#list#
– Free of charge for the first issuance
– KHR 12,000 or USD 3 for requesting new certificate when damage or lose
Additional Offers#list#
– Account statement: Free of charge
– Link TD accounts with KB PRASAC Mobile: Free of charge
– Banker Cheque: KHR 40,000 or USD 10 per sheet
– Bank confirmation: KHR 40,000 or USD 10 per sheet

Term and Conditions of Term Deposit
  1. KB PRASAC Bank Plc. herein after called “KB PRASAC” will issue a Certificate of Term Deposit for each Term Deposit placed with KB PRASAC. The certificate is only evidence of the deposit and it is not a commercial paper, transferable or be used as collateral with other financial institution.
  2. Interest to be paid to the client is subject to withholding tax and other taxes in accordance with the Laws and Regulations in force.
  3. Fund makes available upon maturity date during business days only.
  4. Premature withdrawal of the deposit, if allowed, shall be at KB PRASAC’s sole discretion and the client will not receive the full interest as stated in this certificate.
  5. If the certificate is lost, the client shall inform KB PRASAC immediately in writing to any KB PRASAC office close to you.
  6. The certificate shall be presented and returned to KB PRASAC when making withdrawal.
  7. In case the account holder chooses automatic rollover, and upon the arrival of the maturity date, the account holder does not give written instruction to KB PRASAC to change the terms, the term deposit shall be successively renewed for the same period at KB PRASAC ’s prevailing rate at the time of renewal.
  8. For Monthly Growth Term Deposit Account, in case the client requests to make redemption before the maturity date, the client agrees to return the monthly paid interest and authorizes KB PRASAC to deduct from the client account.
  9. KB PRASAC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change interest rate and/or any terms and conditions with prior notice to the Client as required by law.


  • Above interest rates will be changed from 2nd May 2024 onwards.
  • KB PRASAC reserves rights to change interest rate and fee with prior notice to the client as required by law.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.

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