Deposit Machine

Now you can deposit into your account at anytime via KB PRASAC Cash Deposit Machine easily. On top of this, you can perform self-banking transactions such as cash withdrawal, fund transfer, cash-code, water bill payment, electricity bill payment, PPSWMA Bill Payment, tuition fee payment, phone top-up, balance checking, and print bank statement.
Deposit Limit
Types of DepositMaximum Limit per TransactionMaximum Limit per Day
Deposit with Account NumberKHR 3,960,000 or USD 990Not limit
Deposit with ATM CardKHR 20 million or USD 10,000Not limit
Transactions and Service Tariff
CurrencyKHR and USD
Type of denomination#list#
– KHR: KHR 10,000, KHR 20,000, KHR 50,000, KHR 100,000
– USD: USD 10, USD 20, USD 50, USD 100
Number of Notes per transactionUp to 200 notes
Service TariffFree of charge
Other Banking TransactionsPlease refers to ATM webpage via: //


  • KB PRASAC reserves rights to change fee with prior notice to the client as required by law.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.
  • You can access to Cash Deposit Machine location Here

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