KB PRASAC Bank Plc., a subsidiary of KB Kookmin Bank – Korea, is a newly commercial bank in Cambodia formed through the successful merger of KB PRASAC Microfinance Institution Plc. and KB Kookmin Bank Cambodia Plc.

KB PRASAC Bank has a commercial license from the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) and received the approval from the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) to conduct its banking operations officially in August 2023. The bank has consolidated total assets of USD 5.7 billion, deposit balance of USD 2.9 billion, total loan portfolio of USD 5.0 billion, 192 branch offices, and more than 10,000 staff.

The merged bank will deliver more comprehensive and innovative banking services and products to the customers in Cambodia with state of♈ art of digital banking system to in line with the growth and demand of the market. The bank is also dedicated to promoting financial inclusion, driving economic gr💛owth, and providing innovative financial solutions to its diverse clientele.

KB PRASAC ranks among
One of Top Five Commercial
Bank in Cambodia